I saw you

Across that room

I saw you

Your smile brightening up

The entire place

I  really saw you.


I remember your look of joy

And I thought, someday

We might be friends

If I am lucky enough

But at least I saw you there.


And maybe, I can admit it now

I was a little jealous

Because I could see your light

So clear, flowing, bright

A smile that could change the world.


I want that, I thought

I want to be that

And I want to have that

I want to be and have

What I saw there in you.


And it all started with

Me looking up

And really seeing you

Recognizing how that light flowed

And moved through you.


I hope someday

You might see me too

And recognize my light

The way I recognized yours

Beaming for all to see.


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