First Thing

First, please, I ask you

Find your heart

Fill it with love

Love is a skill and an art….

Now, look here, look at me.


Fill your eyes with love

Before you look at me

Expand your heart so full

And then see what you can see

With the eyes of love.


This is the first thing each day

Filling up your heart

Working on moving toward love

Living love’s skill and art

And filling your eyes with love.


Oh, precious first thing

So filled with love and light

That love shines out from within

Making this life so bright

Gaze at me with love.


Hold me in your sight

With those eyes radiating love

Be loving kindness

White loving light streaming from above

Look at me, oh eyes of love.


It’s the first thing

Everyday, finding a love filled space

It’s the only thing, in many ways

Returning to this grace

Gazing through the eyes of love.