Tiny Heart

Tiny heart

Beating constantly

If I slow down and breathe

I notice you.


Oh, tiny heart

You amaze me

When I listen through you

Things change.


When I breathe

And focus on your beat

Your size matters not

We become one with all.


Maybe you are somehow more

Then just a little bit of muscle

Beating about in a darkened cage

Something powerful.


I can feel your pulse

Through my whole body

I can feel the love there

When I stop and breathe.


You can change the whole world

Sweet tiny heart

You can open to more

More light, compassion, and love.


Thank you tiny heart

For your daily work

Thank you beautiful heart

May we know peace.

The Wanted and Missing Poem

He said he liked poems

Of riding horses

Drinking coffee

Swimming in cool pools

Hot summer days

And leaves that tumbled gently to the ground, fall after fall.

I sat still and listened

Me on the other end of the radio

Sitting with the thought of the poems I had not written

How my life is full of poetry

Yet I fail to recognize and capture it.

I let it slide away from mind, and fly out my heart

All of those words of thunder crashing

Cats sleeping in patches of sunlight

Musical notes floating about in the summer night air

Falling stars and northern lights streaming down from heavens above.

Those unwritten verses, sailing away.

You may never know

In a poetic way

How I saw the eagle soar over my head

As the osprey chased it away

Or the joy I felt, of holding my baby girl

Saying I love you to her for the first time.

You may never hear about

The double rainbow I saw in County Kerry

Or the way that I fell in love across a smoke filled room

The way my heart filed with light and hope and peace

When my family sat at the piano and sang

Or how I cried most of the way through that old movie

That brought back the stinging grief of my youth

Or how I mantra myself to sleep some nights

When loneliness settles deep in my soul.

I believe it now though,

I believe we are all poetry

Living verses of wonder, life, and light

Writing our messages and poems

On the consciousness of the earth

As we fly through this universe

Spinning helplessly on this bright blue planet.

Each of us is

the wanted

the missing

the most beautiful


to ever be.




Small Victory

It’s the end of the day

Children rush to shower

And eat dessert

Wind howls and rain pours forth

I can look back today

And be thankful

For that one moment

That small victory

Where I noticed my reaction

Where I breathed into space

When I gently guided

Instead of reacting fiercely

I left behind the familiar cloak

Of tattered old anger

I breathed and noticed

Putting to use those

Hundreds of hours of meditation

May I be so blessed

To try again tomorrow for just

One moment

One small victory of being.

Dear Mommy

Mother of my birth

I miss you so today, for this is your day

The anniversary of the day you came into this word.

I am not sure what happened along the way

How we went from going to tea

Celebrating holidays with great joy

To great distance and estrangement.

You were suffering, and closing me off.

No calls, no letters, refusing my efforts.

So, I got busy, pursuing the dream you missed.

Still, I miss you so now.

And we can’t go back.

I wish you could have met these beautiful angels

Your granddaughters

That God sent to me.

I wish you could have been there

When I walked across the stage

When I spoke out loud to hundreds

When I mourned the loss of your son, alone.

I still have dreams of you

Always you look so beautiful and young

Happy and free

Ready for the next adventure.

Someday, Mommy, someday

You will guide me back into the light

We will know that pure love and perfect joy

And we will plan our next journey together.

A Love

There is a deep, true love

Secretly residing inside of you

A blessing from above

A love that is just for you.


You may not yet know

But this love in infinite

A love that will grow and grow

Your heart is its instrument.


This secret growing light

Cloaked within each cell

A beaming glow of white

Each day you grow to know it very well.


Simply close those two beautiful eyes

Breathe deep and fill your heart

Notice moon, stars, and bright blue skies

Recognize this love as your precious work of art.