Dear Mommy

Mother of my birth

I miss you so today, for this is your day

The anniversary of the day you came into this word.

I am not sure what happened along the way

How we went from going to tea

Celebrating holidays with great joy

To great distance and estrangement.

You were suffering, and closing me off.

No calls, no letters, refusing my efforts.

So, I got busy, pursuing the dream you missed.

Still, I miss you so now.

And we can’t go back.

I wish you could have met these beautiful angels

Your granddaughters

That God sent to me.

I wish you could have been there

When I walked across the stage

When I spoke out loud to hundreds

When I mourned the loss of your son, alone.

I still have dreams of you

Always you look so beautiful and young

Happy and free

Ready for the next adventure.

Someday, Mommy, someday

You will guide me back into the light

We will know that pure love and perfect joy

And we will plan our next journey together.

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