Off The Mat

Take the meditation off the mat or cushion
For every moment is an opportunity
To be right here
To recognize the right now.
Feel the breeze flowing over your body
Sun rays penetrating your skin
See the bright penny laying in the dirt
The puffy clouds floating overhead
Feel your body in the seat
Hands upon the wheel
Listen to the crickets chirping in the heat
Recognize the laughter of nearby children singing songs.

Again and again
Remind yourself
This is what I am doing right here and now
Breathing, being, one with all.

I Will Listen: The Universe’s Heartbeat

Rest now my dear

Enter the dream state

For tonight, I will listen for you

As you escape beyond my reach

Into the land of dreams.

I will listen for the sound of the sliver of moon

Sliding off the edges of the canvas

Created by the inky dark sky.

I will concentrate on the sound of the world turning

Spinning around, around, and around,

Too fast to hear, and I will listen

Again, again, again.

I will listen intently

For the hissing sound of the stars

Traversing that same nighttime velvet canvas,

As they go ever chasing after the moon.

Back here on earth

I will hear the smallest sounds all around

The earth worm’s nighttime crawl

Mice nesting in the attic

The silence between the peeper’s night song notes

A fox’s movement through tall grass

Breathing of the child in the room across the hall.

So while you sleep, dreaming and traveling into infinity

Yet still resting some of your neurons

Rebuilding and repairing your very bodily structure

I will remain listening

To the sounds of the universe’s heartbeat.








What Love Made

Take a look all around you

And with open wide open eyes

Heart open and present

Recognize what love made.


Love made two beautiful girls

With sparkling blue eyes

Hair of golden color

Smiles as wide as the sea.


Love made the sunrise this morning

Turning the clouds to vibrancy

Of oranges and pinks

Reminders of the brilliant day ahead.


Love is everywhere, present in all things

Turning buds into flowers, chicks into birds

Rising and lowering the tides

Burning up the old and creating space for the new.


This is what love made

See it right before your eyes

Marvel at in your sight

Express your gratitude for a world enveloped in love.

The Universe

She will wake you up one night

Reaching her cool transparent hand out to you

This way she will murmur

And you will follow right along.

Letting go of the here and now

You grasp to the outstretched hand

Hovering over the land bodies

Sailing over seas

And gliding over mountains

Her fingers intertwined with yours.

Quickly, slowly, lightly you see it all

All at one time

The universe opens her heart and secrets to you

And you continue to hold her hand

We won’t let go is your only thought.

Soaring upwards, the earth behind you melts and dissolves

No more bright blue orb, just a dot on a black velvet background

You move through space and time

Laughing, smiling, freedom of heart and soul

Twinkling stars, planets with rings, cluttered comets

Whizzing by

No need to turn back

It’s all happening at once

Your heart soaring, secrets revealed

The transparent yet palpable hand of the universe

Guiding you along

Always there, past every planet, star, and shiny unknown

Just reach out your hand anytime

And you will be free.