These tools

I come to care for you

And I have some precious tools

That have been granted me.

First, I use my eyes

To see you, your physical being

The place where you rest

Taking in the whole environment

And your aura of life.

Next I use my ears

As I listen to the sounds of your environment

And the nuances of your voice.

My entire body listens through my ears

And I sit quietly by your side

Absorbing your words and the deeper meanings

Our beings connecting here and now.

I use my touch

To tell if you are warm or cool

Feeling pulses and anointing your aching body

Energy moves through the universe, to both me and you

Your consciousnesses unit in the touch.

My most important tool

Is always at work

I must remember though, to care for this tool

To return to this tool again and again:

The tool of the heart.

For the heart knows

When and how to give care, love, compassion.

The heart reaches out, radiating its own electromagnetic field

A tool of communication

A tool of presence

A tool of here and now being

The most important tool

For healing the self and other.



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