The Does

Cool winter morning

I plod along

The same path

A different day.

Suddenly, a movement on the road ahead

A brilliant flash of brown

Strength, grace, beauty

Signalling to me, this is how it is done!

The graceful doe flies across my path

Another follows,

And another,

So fast, so free!

Seven Does cross my path

I stop for those few seconds,

I count them as they fly past

I gaze in wonder

At their perfection

Their lack of effort

Pure presence, strength, beauty

Thank you, Seven Does.




Stars Align

I glance up at the moon

Singing that old familiar tune

I see the stars transform and align

Wondering now, is this some kind of sign?


Than my head, it starts twirling around

And the song becomes a pure light sound

Changing stars twinkling back at me

Whispering, just you wait, you wait and see.


Just you wait and see

The stars might collide for me

Just you wait and sit yourself outside

Take your seat at the universal ringside.


Watch the show, as it slowly unfolds

And your soul reaches out for its stronghold

So many rainbows come forth, rising with the sun

We are so far, far from being done.


Oh yes, let’s wait, wait and finally see

This moment is revealing the light from you and me

So now wait, wait and you will see

Give it the time, a day or maybe three.


Purple clouds emerge and chase the rainbows

Where they are headed, nobody knows

And those stars aligned, down they fall

Streaking through the sky like a multi-colored fireball.


Hurry now, don’t be too late

Chase those stars, follow your fate

Look into the steaming crater, see the light show

Shout and dance, share what you now know.


So hurry now, don’t be too late

Or wait some more and sense your own fate

Hurry now, and then see if you can wait

Brilliant stars align, you carry the weight.




Breathe in the stars

Look toward heaven above

You know he is singing and dancing there

Take that deeper breath, inhale and exhale

Knowing you are breathing in stardust.

This deeper connection won’t end

It will change and shift, so many times over

And yet that consciousness, that spirit

Lives on and on, through every breath.

The great I AM he says…

It is the great I AM for us all

Just a breath more, inhale, exhale

Just a sprinkling of stardust

To remember a great being.

I AM….


(RIP Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie).

Even When

Even when things may seem not quite right

The spirit is moving within and through

Culling all the scattered pieces together

Creating a new and emerging you.


Even when the deep rage bubbles up inside

And you can feel it coursing through the body

The spirit is continually working small miracles

Your own light filled guide is overseeing.


Even then, and even right here and now

However dark you might be feeling

A new, greater order is emerging

With the infinite potential for healing.


Even when you think, this will never pass

Slow down for a moment, and then the next

Trusting right here and now,

Know the spirit’s healing annex.