Tiny Heart

Tiny heart

Beating constantly

If I slow down and breathe

I notice you.


Oh, tiny heart

You amaze me

When I listen through you

Things change.


When I breathe

And focus on your beat

Your size matters not

We become one with all.


Maybe you are somehow more

Then just a little bit of muscle

Beating about in a darkened cage

Something powerful.


I can feel your pulse

Through my whole body

I can feel the love there

When I stop and breathe.


You can change the whole world

Sweet tiny heart

You can open to more

More light, compassion, and love.


Thank you tiny heart

For your daily work

Thank you beautiful heart

May we know peace.

Fly, brother, fly

He took his last breath

Exhaling… miraculously he was free

Leaving suffering and pain behind him

His soul gently climbed up the starlit stairway… away

He left a trail of light and love in his wake

That love-light rained steadily down upon us

Soaking into our grief-filled hearts

Allowing us to know, we are still one

So we called out to you, fly brother, fly brother

Be free, soul brother, be free


RIP- Scott “Coach” Hardy

In this breath

In this breath

And the next, and the next….

It is all here.

In this breath

And the one after

I can feel God.

Breathing through me

In this breath

And all of the ones to follow.

I know the nature of Love

Flowing through me

In this breath.

And on and on

There is no end

Even at the end.

Thank you for so much time

To breathe, to know, to be, to love

In this breath.

Love flows through me

And when this body’s breath ends

I am, So Hum, One with All.

Dreaming Night and Light

She rest her head on the sweet, soft pillow

And feel into her mantra for sleep

The world continued to spin on its access

Weather, wind right outside her door.

And she began to dream

At first dreams of those departed

And she held onto them while she could

Asking for answers they did not have.

The dreams grew and evolved

Flowing into the master dream of all

Of Universal Light and Love

Radiating for all to see, beckoning all to just be.

When she awoke so early the next morning

There was a world filled with light

Love, Peace, and Joy… they were everywhere

The sweetest dreams, they really can come true.

On the mat

I come to the mat today
And I think, today I won’t cry
I’ll be happy and free
But I grab a tissue anyway.

I should not judge myself
For the seemingly bottomless depths
Of loss and grief
And yet I think, by now I should be healed.

But the heart does not know this
So it aches and aches and aches
The eyes don’t know they should be dry
After years of tears and tears and tears.

On this mat this morning, it is a safe place
A warm place where in warrior two my lips can quiver
In dancing warrior I can release the pain toward heaven
And in child’s pose I can nurture the lonely child within.

My plan is to come back here
Again, again, and over again
Until I take that last healing breath
Stepping of the mat, and into the light.


I inhale

Again, again, again

Breathing and relaxing

Being with the inhale


When I open my eyes

The world has shifted

And changed in ways

I can’t explain.


Suddenly, I am more at ease

I am more myself

Lighter in body

Stronger in being


Now I am more present

More aware of the endless beauty

It’s all right before me

Beautiful leaves, smiling children, happy music


So I will come back again

And breathe slowly

Inhaling and relishing

This way to change the world.