Glimpses of fall collide with winter

A tree still holding her colorful leaves

The warmth of the sun beating down

Yet ice forms on the pond each night.

Ski resorts are making snow

But doesn’t it melt as fast as it is made?

A cold rainy day and into the night

When the rain moves out, black ice forms

As cold Northern Winds blow across the land.

This cross over, this collision of seasons

It may be an opportunity

To rest in the space between seasons

The gap between times

The pause place before winter.



Five Seasonal Haikus For You: Fall

A brand new cold day
Sun is slow on it’s rise up
Searching for warmth now

Bare trees and brown leaves
Tossed about by the cold wind
Winter on the way

Pumpkin spice oh ugh
A cliche of twisted nature
Mother nature cries

Tears run down her face
Thoughts of other days like this
Why the suffering?

Black crow caws again
Another crow returns caw
What do they know now?

Summer Love

Sunshine beats down on me

Until that precious moment when

Your gentle breezes cool my body.


Rain, lightening, thunder, humidity

Not one endless stream of happy weather

Wind kicks up white caps on the lake.


Hiking, laughing, sleeping, playing

Mini-golf, ice cream, sweet corn

Outdoor concerts.


And yet now, fall begins to creep in

Cooler evenings, brisk mornings, leaves changing

We bid you a fond farewell and adieu.

Dear summer.







Look out your window

And notice the still quietness

A calm and quiet river

Reflecting back all she sees. 

Trees float gently on her surface

Golden in the early morning light. 

Clouds on the horizon

Puffy cotton gliding lightly on the surface.

And mighty sun, she rises

Orange, red, pink, yellow

Vibrant mirror like presence.

This is the place where fire meets water

The impossible becomes reality

Right before you

River reflects life.

The Fall

Glorious colors all around

I am entranced as I move through the forest

Small crab-apples crunch under foot

Leaves of orange, yellow, and red abound.


A breath, a second, a moment

And I am face down

Seemingly tripping over nothing

I lay sprawled on the soft mud and moss.


It could have been a rock or a root

That rose up from the earth

To meet my face

Instead my fall is broken softly.


I continue on

More cautious, still observing

As some leaves come sailing down

Gloriously dressed for their final descent.


They captured the sunlight

God’s beauty blazing through them

And now they shall soon rest

After the wind ceases to blow them here and there.


I too am like these leaves

Maybe now is the fall of my life

A time to blaze with God’s glory

And someday make the gentle descent.



I inhale

Again, again, again

Breathing and relaxing

Being with the inhale


When I open my eyes

The world has shifted

And changed in ways

I can’t explain.


Suddenly, I am more at ease

I am more myself

Lighter in body

Stronger in being


Now I am more present

More aware of the endless beauty

It’s all right before me

Beautiful leaves, smiling children, happy music


So I will come back again

And breathe slowly

Inhaling and relishing

This way to change the world.

Summer Home

I tried not to drag out

The long sweet good bye.

I simply gazed upon you

Shining so bright and alive.


So farewell for now

My dear sweet place

Where all of these months

You have been my solid base.


I leave you in colors

Bright with crimson and gold

Soon they too will flee

Crumbling and crinkly, gone and old.


I know you will stand here solidly

All through the winter long

And when I return

I will bring with me a new song.


A song of love

Of generosity and light

A song to sing aloud

through the changing season’s light.

Swirling down

I am moving, breathing and moving

Cool cloudy Autumn morning

And then a song comes on

Slowing me down

Love and kisses, sweet haunting melody

And I watch as a gust of wind

Swirls the leaves from the trees

In all of their golden, red, and orange hews

They fly about

Dancing, flitting, sailing down

And I get it, right here and now

This is death, these leaves are already gone

And yet they grace me with such beauty

They will fold back into the earth, returning to whence they came

If they had not fallen, and swirled around me

Gliding through the crisp Fall morning air

There would be no room for the new green Spring buds

Some 8 months from now

For that moment, I rejoiced in their beauty

Their dazzling light and color show

I was there and I was here and now, and with it all at once

Death and life merging in the beautiful dance

Of the Swirling Down Leaves.