For Nurses on Nurse’s Day 2015

It is Florence Nightingale’s birthday

And I realize it has taken me many years

To really understand her precepts

To deeply connect with the idea

That environments of caring support people’s own healing process.

I hold forth now

That all nursing is holistic-caring nursing

And if you disagree, I would kindly suggest

That if it is not holistic and caring, it is not nursing.

If it is not holistic-caring, it may be that

Some nurses have become the technical hand maiden

The extension of the idea of curing versus healing.

I invite you to take a step both forward and backward:

Forward toward the essence and heart of nursing as caring-healing practices

Backward toward the concept that healing is about environment

Forward to the idea that consciousness impacts the environment and healing

Backward to the idea that people need clean water, sound nutrition, fresh air, and sanitation

Forward to the thought that the earth is in a healing process

Backward to the notion of recognizing our unity as one group spinning around the sun.

I wish all nurses a journey toward peace, healing, love, and light

A successful flight back toward caring practices

I pray for our profession’s healing and that all beings to move toward a greater evolution

As Interconnected Unitary Human Beings.