What Love Made

Take a look all around you

And with open wide open eyes

Heart open and present

Recognize what love made.


Love made two beautiful girls

With sparkling blue eyes

Hair of golden color

Smiles as wide as the sea.


Love made the sunrise this morning

Turning the clouds to vibrancy

Of oranges and pinks

Reminders of the brilliant day ahead.


Love is everywhere, present in all things

Turning buds into flowers, chicks into birds

Rising and lowering the tides

Burning up the old and creating space for the new.


This is what love made

See it right before your eyes

Marvel at in your sight

Express your gratitude for a world enveloped in love.

A Tribe

She walked in the room
Breathed deeply
I am at home
This is my tribe.
Hearts were wide open
Love flowed everywhere
She looked with all of herself
Third eye awareness.
How many lifetimes
Had they met in this way?
A cosmic consciousness
To love, serve, remember.
Rooted together
Healing the self and other
Growing stronger each day
A tribe to call home.
She walked out of the room
Carrying with her
The tribe’s light
Rooted in loving, serving, remembering.

So simple

In this warm house

I give thanks today

For the very simple things

Which have come my way.


A warm fire crackles

As drizzle melts icy snow

The aroma of many foods cooking

These simple things I know.


I open my heart with love

And let the light shine in on us

I recognize with great gratitude

All we need not now discuss.


The challenge is now to keep coming back

To these simple things that matter

For when suffering barges in

The heart like glass may shatter.


So I shall return again, again, again

To a space of gratitude and love

And recognize all simple blessings

Bestowed from high above.



Gratitude Moment

What a beautiful place
To live, work, play
So blessed to be surrounded
By God’s beauty each day.
I breathe in the light
That peaks through a rain filled cloud
I notice cool air, leave changing
I pray and say Amen out loud.

Sometimes I don’t know why I am here
What brought me so far from home
But days like this, I can embrace the now
Not worry why so far I had to come.
Thank you for the lessons
The love, the light, the pain
The chance to keep starting over
Love, serve, remember again.


Taking a moment, looking around
Blue sky
Small clouds
Green trees, some leaves changing already
Breathing in
A moment to just wait and be
For this moment, I can sit
And not do
And not worry
And not project
I can use my eyes to just see this world
As it is
Where I am at
In this very moment
I notice
The leaves waving in a gentle breeze
The sounds of summers last crickets, bees, and birds
Far off traffic, cars gliding by ever few minutes
People walking
A breeze slips through my open window
Was it there before?
I notice life moving time marching on somehow
Both with and without me
Even as I sit and watch
Things are changing
In a moment I will step away
Become one of the walking
Head through a doorway, a meeting
I notice, the small evolution of the world
With every breath, with every step, with every skin caressing late summer breeze
I notice, I am, both the same and changing.

D.I.Y Poem: Chose your emerging consciousness option

The morning/ evening was {beautiful}, {extraordinary}, {stunning}, {slow moving}, {serene}

A {glorious}, {red-orange}, {reluctant},{silver}, {golden}, sun/ moon arose/descended

{slowly}, {quickly}, {quietly},{anonymously} over/ under the horizon.


I {glanced}, {gazed}, {observed}, {witnessed}, {discovered} myself for just a moment

Ah, my own reflection from the {window pane}, {pond water}, {rear-view mirror}

And I don’t look so different from/ like the {orb}, {planet}, {celestial being} {planetary landmark}.


Now, I recognize our {harmony}, {oneness}, {unity}, {fragility}, {shared consciousness}

I am {hear now} {at peace} {content}, knowing this emerging reality

I am beyond being {humbled}, {supported}, (subdued} by this concept.


I am {one}, {all}, {love}, {light}

I am {awake}, {alive}, {free}

My heart is {full}, {light}, (emancipated}.

Peace Now

To all of the suffering children

Living in trauma and abuse

Know peace now

Aum Shanti Aum


To the women with endless tears

From loss and grief

Aum Shanti Aum

All Peace Now


To the purveyors of war

Fear behind all decisions

Aum Shanti Aum

Bring peace now


To the suffering, the hurt, the anxious

The unknown darkside of humanity

Peace light love now

Aum Shanti Aum.


All Peace Now

All Peace Now

All Peace Now

Aum Shanti Aum.