Seasonal Haikus

Winter Haiku:

Cold settles in now
Chilling me to the deepest
Snow is on the way.

Spring Haiku:

Spring is far away
I can hear it calling me
A future vision

Summer Haiku:

Summer heats us up
A jump in the coldest lake
Refreshed yet again

Fall Haiku:

A nip in the air
Leaves so slowly change and fall
The end of season





Five Seasonal Haikus For You: Fall

A brand new cold day
Sun is slow on it’s rise up
Searching for warmth now

Bare trees and brown leaves
Tossed about by the cold wind
Winter on the way

Pumpkin spice oh ugh
A cliche of twisted nature
Mother nature cries

Tears run down her face
Thoughts of other days like this
Why the suffering?

Black crow caws again
Another crow returns caw
What do they know now?