Stars Align

I glance up at the moon

Singing that old familiar tune

I see the stars transform and align

Wondering now, is this some kind of sign?


Than my head, it starts twirling around

And the song becomes a pure light sound

Changing stars twinkling back at me

Whispering, just you wait, you wait and see.


Just you wait and see

The stars might collide for me

Just you wait and sit yourself outside

Take your seat at the universal ringside.


Watch the show, as it slowly unfolds

And your soul reaches out for its stronghold

So many rainbows come forth, rising with the sun

We are so far, far from being done.


Oh yes, let’s wait, wait and finally see

This moment is revealing the light from you and me

So now wait, wait and you will see

Give it the time, a day or maybe three.


Purple clouds emerge and chase the rainbows

Where they are headed, nobody knows

And those stars aligned, down they fall

Streaking through the sky like a multi-colored fireball.


Hurry now, don’t be too late

Chase those stars, follow your fate

Look into the steaming crater, see the light show

Shout and dance, share what you now know.


So hurry now, don’t be too late

Or wait some more and sense your own fate

Hurry now, and then see if you can wait

Brilliant stars align, you carry the weight.




A Dusting of Winter

A dusting of white snow

Falls from the sky

And covers this world

In a beautiful quiet sugar coating

Crystals, clear, white, purity.

A chance now to settle down

Into some winter healing

Playing, resting, cuddling

Yoga before sudden snow squalls

And naps in front of warm fireplaces.

Hot tea to coat the soul

White winter dreams

Emerging through the long, cold, dark nights

Twinkling like the stars

That guide us from above.

It’s just a dusting of snow

For now it’s here

And tomorrow it may be gone

Flying away, melting back to earth

Like the thoughts that stream through

Our warm winter dreams.



Of peace, war, fear, terror, and love

When I was a small child

and the bombs were flying and falling and bursting

I was not afraid.

That was, afterall, so far away

Also, my uncle was there

Dropping supplies from planes in Vietnam

And taking care of the world.


I grew up and was not afraid of the state of the world

I was too self involved

Until in high school, as we studied history, I began to see the reality of man.  I watched The Day After on TV, along with 100 million other people. Now I was afraid, for years to come I was terrified of nuclear war, and I would read about the what-if’s and the certain devastation. When the wall fell, well, those thoughts seemed to fall away a bit with that wall, torn apart by human hands. *After I graduated college,A certain President began the first middle east war, that I saw live on TV I would get drunk and high and try to understand itUntil I wrapped myself up in a ball of anxiety and fear”I will never bring children into a hate filled world”, where money and oil and consumerism fill our sad lives. He agreed with me. *And things escalate again some years later, they continue on, the things man does to manOklahoma bombings, 9-11, Iraq, AfghanistanSomewhere though along the way, I did want children, he did want childrenA family, to move toward peace, to share moments of joy, to create a new world. Children, the hope for a different future…. we can do this. *I shelter you now, your young brains, You know just a bit about the bombings, the killings, the shootingsYou hear on the radio and sometimes you see me cryBut you don’t watch, you never watch, you don’t see those imagesI take you to yoga, and pray for peace, and hold you tightly each nightOur own peaceful universe, one moment to the next. *I try not to worry, worry about you and the futureWorry about the world I will leave behind someday, for you to somehow manageI teach you about peace, and ease; I say these  words, spread that love, joy, friendship each dayWe are all just one familyAnd my faith in your prevails, to bring forth the peace and light into the world. There is no more choice to be afraid.


What Love Made

Take a look all around you

And with open wide open eyes

Heart open and present

Recognize what love made.


Love made two beautiful girls

With sparkling blue eyes

Hair of golden color

Smiles as wide as the sea.


Love made the sunrise this morning

Turning the clouds to vibrancy

Of oranges and pinks

Reminders of the brilliant day ahead.


Love is everywhere, present in all things

Turning buds into flowers, chicks into birds

Rising and lowering the tides

Burning up the old and creating space for the new.


This is what love made

See it right before your eyes

Marvel at in your sight

Express your gratitude for a world enveloped in love.

The Universe

She will wake you up one night

Reaching her cool transparent hand out to you

This way she will murmur

And you will follow right along.

Letting go of the here and now

You grasp to the outstretched hand

Hovering over the land bodies

Sailing over seas

And gliding over mountains

Her fingers intertwined with yours.

Quickly, slowly, lightly you see it all

All at one time

The universe opens her heart and secrets to you

And you continue to hold her hand

We won’t let go is your only thought.

Soaring upwards, the earth behind you melts and dissolves

No more bright blue orb, just a dot on a black velvet background

You move through space and time

Laughing, smiling, freedom of heart and soul

Twinkling stars, planets with rings, cluttered comets

Whizzing by

No need to turn back

It’s all happening at once

Your heart soaring, secrets revealed

The transparent yet palpable hand of the universe

Guiding you along

Always there, past every planet, star, and shiny unknown

Just reach out your hand anytime

And you will be free.

Summer Dance

I stand here

I listen

I dance in the sunlight

A warm breeze blows over me.


I contemplate the movement

Of the seasons

Was it not just cold

Did it not just seem summer would never come?


And yet here we are

Looking over a river

Dancing underneath the beating sun

Laughing under a star filled sky.


Twirling around

Skirts rise and billow out

We are spinning

We are singing along.


The joy of dancing children

All God’s beings

Moving in a sort of praise and gratitude

For this very moment.


Let’s continue to dance away the day

And spin underneath the canopy of the stars

Through summer and into fall

Even when we move inside for the quietude of winter.


Let’s remain grateful

For the way our bodies move

For the way the music reminds us

Of our certain unity and nature to be love in action.


Grant us the ability

To remember gentle summer breezes

On the coldest days ahead

When the dancing is done alone.



This Love

Many years ago

I stood before the gathering

Of family and friends

And I spoke to you about this love.


This love so fine

And I described it with ancient words

Love lives on with us

Into our old age.


How was I to know at that moment

What was to be ahead

The trajectory of love

And the precious task of its growth?


To learn to love and accept

To sit in this heart space

Of unconditional regard

To appreciate how we age and evolve.


This older version of love

Perhaps not so rare

Yet still so fine

Fills me with gratitude.

The Wanted and Missing Poem

He said he liked poems

Of riding horses

Drinking coffee

Swimming in cool pools

Hot summer days

And leaves that tumbled gently to the ground, fall after fall.

I sat still and listened

Me on the other end of the radio

Sitting with the thought of the poems I had not written

How my life is full of poetry

Yet I fail to recognize and capture it.

I let it slide away from mind, and fly out my heart

All of those words of thunder crashing

Cats sleeping in patches of sunlight

Musical notes floating about in the summer night air

Falling stars and northern lights streaming down from heavens above.

Those unwritten verses, sailing away.

You may never know

In a poetic way

How I saw the eagle soar over my head

As the osprey chased it away

Or the joy I felt, of holding my baby girl

Saying I love you to her for the first time.

You may never hear about

The double rainbow I saw in County Kerry

Or the way that I fell in love across a smoke filled room

The way my heart filed with light and hope and peace

When my family sat at the piano and sang

Or how I cried most of the way through that old movie

That brought back the stinging grief of my youth

Or how I mantra myself to sleep some nights

When loneliness settles deep in my soul.

I believe it now though,

I believe we are all poetry

Living verses of wonder, life, and light

Writing our messages and poems

On the consciousness of the earth

As we fly through this universe

Spinning helplessly on this bright blue planet.

Each of us is

the wanted

the missing

the most beautiful


to ever be.




First Thing

First, please, I ask you

Find your heart

Fill it with love

Love is a skill and an art….

Now, look here, look at me.


Fill your eyes with love

Before you look at me

Expand your heart so full

And then see what you can see

With the eyes of love.


This is the first thing each day

Filling up your heart

Working on moving toward love

Living love’s skill and art

And filling your eyes with love.


Oh, precious first thing

So filled with love and light

That love shines out from within

Making this life so bright

Gaze at me with love.


Hold me in your sight

With those eyes radiating love

Be loving kindness

White loving light streaming from above

Look at me, oh eyes of love.


It’s the first thing

Everyday, finding a love filled space

It’s the only thing, in many ways

Returning to this grace

Gazing through the eyes of love.




So simple

In this warm house

I give thanks today

For the very simple things

Which have come my way.


A warm fire crackles

As drizzle melts icy snow

The aroma of many foods cooking

These simple things I know.


I open my heart with love

And let the light shine in on us

I recognize with great gratitude

All we need not now discuss.


The challenge is now to keep coming back

To these simple things that matter

For when suffering barges in

The heart like glass may shatter.


So I shall return again, again, again

To a space of gratitude and love

And recognize all simple blessings

Bestowed from high above.