A baby not meant to live

A toddler’s tiny body overcome with illness

A teen making the wrong choices

A man broken, fighting his addictions

A middle-age person, grieving his losses

An elder, lonely from the inside out


A child running out, unable to dodge the car

A parent striving to get their child the care they need

A mother saying goodbye to her babies

A man caught up in his own delusions

A person feeling never ending avarice

A life so shattered, the desire to end it grows


A fear so large that it consumes the mind

Anxiety felt deep within the gut

Spasms, tremors, constant pain

Fever so high that seizures happen

Withdrawing from addictive substances

No more answers, no more choices


It is the human condition

It is you, it is me

Listen to what the Buddha said

Attachment and aversion lead to suffering

Sit here now, close eyes, breathe

And accept the suffering.








It was a normal morning
I walked outside with my fresh hot coffee
And for 5 seconds
I saw it all…

The boy opening his cigarette package
Hands shaking, so young
The man getting out of his car
The cars whizzing by on the road.

All temporary
Illusions floating by
Realities soon to change
A glitch in the matrix.

And I thought…
What did I just see, truth?
How did the veil flutter aside
For just a few seconds.

It’s gone now
But I keep thinking, yes
I will be in that moment again
One day, one night, soon.

A Dusting of Winter

A dusting of white snow

Falls from the sky

And covers this world

In a beautiful quiet sugar coating

Crystals, clear, white, purity.

A chance now to settle down

Into some winter healing

Playing, resting, cuddling

Yoga before sudden snow squalls

And naps in front of warm fireplaces.

Hot tea to coat the soul

White winter dreams

Emerging through the long, cold, dark nights

Twinkling like the stars

That guide us from above.

It’s just a dusting of snow

For now it’s here

And tomorrow it may be gone

Flying away, melting back to earth

Like the thoughts that stream through

Our warm winter dreams.



Of peace, war, fear, terror, and love

When I was a small child

and the bombs were flying and falling and bursting

I was not afraid.

That was, afterall, so far away

Also, my uncle was there

Dropping supplies from planes in Vietnam

And taking care of the world.


I grew up and was not afraid of the state of the world

I was too self involved

Until in high school, as we studied history, I began to see the reality of man.  I watched The Day After on TV, along with 100 million other people. Now I was afraid, for years to come I was terrified of nuclear war, and I would read about the what-if’s and the certain devastation. When the wall fell, well, those thoughts seemed to fall away a bit with that wall, torn apart by human hands. *After I graduated college,A certain President began the first middle east war, that I saw live on TV I would get drunk and high and try to understand itUntil I wrapped myself up in a ball of anxiety and fear”I will never bring children into a hate filled world”, where money and oil and consumerism fill our sad lives. He agreed with me. *And things escalate again some years later, they continue on, the things man does to manOklahoma bombings, 9-11, Iraq, AfghanistanSomewhere though along the way, I did want children, he did want childrenA family, to move toward peace, to share moments of joy, to create a new world. Children, the hope for a different future…. we can do this. *I shelter you now, your young brains, You know just a bit about the bombings, the killings, the shootingsYou hear on the radio and sometimes you see me cryBut you don’t watch, you never watch, you don’t see those imagesI take you to yoga, and pray for peace, and hold you tightly each nightOur own peaceful universe, one moment to the next. *I try not to worry, worry about you and the futureWorry about the world I will leave behind someday, for you to somehow manageI teach you about peace, and ease; I say these  words, spread that love, joy, friendship each dayWe are all just one familyAnd my faith in your prevails, to bring forth the peace and light into the world. There is no more choice to be afraid.


What Love Made

Take a look all around you

And with open wide open eyes

Heart open and present

Recognize what love made.


Love made two beautiful girls

With sparkling blue eyes

Hair of golden color

Smiles as wide as the sea.


Love made the sunrise this morning

Turning the clouds to vibrancy

Of oranges and pinks

Reminders of the brilliant day ahead.


Love is everywhere, present in all things

Turning buds into flowers, chicks into birds

Rising and lowering the tides

Burning up the old and creating space for the new.


This is what love made

See it right before your eyes

Marvel at in your sight

Express your gratitude for a world enveloped in love.

Summer Dance

I stand here

I listen

I dance in the sunlight

A warm breeze blows over me.


I contemplate the movement

Of the seasons

Was it not just cold

Did it not just seem summer would never come?


And yet here we are

Looking over a river

Dancing underneath the beating sun

Laughing under a star filled sky.


Twirling around

Skirts rise and billow out

We are spinning

We are singing along.


The joy of dancing children

All God’s beings

Moving in a sort of praise and gratitude

For this very moment.


Let’s continue to dance away the day

And spin underneath the canopy of the stars

Through summer and into fall

Even when we move inside for the quietude of winter.


Let’s remain grateful

For the way our bodies move

For the way the music reminds us

Of our certain unity and nature to be love in action.


Grant us the ability

To remember gentle summer breezes

On the coldest days ahead

When the dancing is done alone.



For Nurses on Nurse’s Day 2015

It is Florence Nightingale’s birthday

And I realize it has taken me many years

To really understand her precepts

To deeply connect with the idea

That environments of caring support people’s own healing process.

I hold forth now

That all nursing is holistic-caring nursing

And if you disagree, I would kindly suggest

That if it is not holistic and caring, it is not nursing.

If it is not holistic-caring, it may be that

Some nurses have become the technical hand maiden

The extension of the idea of curing versus healing.

I invite you to take a step both forward and backward:

Forward toward the essence and heart of nursing as caring-healing practices

Backward toward the concept that healing is about environment

Forward to the idea that consciousness impacts the environment and healing

Backward to the idea that people need clean water, sound nutrition, fresh air, and sanitation

Forward to the thought that the earth is in a healing process

Backward to the notion of recognizing our unity as one group spinning around the sun.

I wish all nurses a journey toward peace, healing, love, and light

A successful flight back toward caring practices

I pray for our profession’s healing and that all beings to move toward a greater evolution

As Interconnected Unitary Human Beings.


Tiny Heart

Tiny heart

Beating constantly

If I slow down and breathe

I notice you.


Oh, tiny heart

You amaze me

When I listen through you

Things change.


When I breathe

And focus on your beat

Your size matters not

We become one with all.


Maybe you are somehow more

Then just a little bit of muscle

Beating about in a darkened cage

Something powerful.


I can feel your pulse

Through my whole body

I can feel the love there

When I stop and breathe.


You can change the whole world

Sweet tiny heart

You can open to more

More light, compassion, and love.


Thank you tiny heart

For your daily work

Thank you beautiful heart

May we know peace.

Open your heart

Open your heart

It’s a brand new day

Open your heart

To the loving kindness way

Open your heart

Let the love shine in

Open, open, yes, open up your heart


Wake right up

To this brand new day

Greet it with love

It’s the brand new way

Open your heart

Love is what we have today

Open, open, yes, open up your heart


Release your fears

There is no need to cry

Be here right now

Let your heart open and fly

Move beyond pain and suffering

Let your heart be full

Open, open, yes, open up your heart



An open heart

One that is filled with love

An open heart

Loving kindness way

An open heart

It is yours today

Open, open, yes, open up your heart