Big baby ‘NAH

He’s just a big baby

Totally out of control

Whiny, crying baby

Frowning: “But look at the toll…!”

“I’ve suffered so much”

He barks, again and again

“I can’t wait to be confirmed”

To begin my lifelong rein.

No composure, no grace

Good lord is this our man?

He lies and doesn’t answer

Tucks his head back in the sand.

I won’t hold my breath

Because it’s still a white frat boy’s world

They will sign it in their blood

Despite his black soul being unfurled.




Birdie for Bernie

It was just a little bird

He came flying by and by

He was just a little sparrow

Landing so he caught the movement’s eye.


He was just a tiny perfect bird

And yet he was so much more

He symbolized love and peace

And he soon became a special lore.


A message from the heavens

“This is the one I choose”

For he aligns with all of my desires

My spiritual and hopeful views.


This tiny bird he symbolizes

A world to be born anew

This beautiful totem animal

In hope to you he flew.


Sing on now all of you sparrows

Bring the message far and wide

Bringing peace and greatest ease

This movement will not hide.