A Little Yoga

You want healing

Take just a little yoga now.

Feel the breath

Be present.

Notice body, breath, spirit yoked together

Notice thoughts

Watch thoughts change.

Accept all of it:

The body today

The fear and pain today

The joy and pleasure today.

At the end of the hour

Or longer

Notice the release

From stress, anxiety, fear, and pain

Walk into peace, ease, and grace

And thank all beings.




The Between Space

Not yet winter

Letting go of fall

And dreaming of what is yet to come.

The cool air reminds us

That days ahead may be dark.

Today we can take a step back

And rest in the between space.

Notice the air and the subtle shifts

Find the space between inhale and exhale

The pause of the breath

The place of rest.

Between this moment and the next

Between action and inaction

Between the moment of birth

And the letting go of the shell.

The between space

Ever present

Easily accessed

Stop now and find yourself

Between, at the here and now.

Why Don’t You?

Why don’t you sit by the fire

Put your feet up

Sip some tea

And color in your coloring book?


You need these moments to renew,

To revive your weary mind

To be here right now

And let go of what should be left behind.


Why don’t you breathe in

This very moment… and the next and the next

As you stretch up from your yoga mat

Reaching for the stars in the heavens.


You need to feel your body here

Noticing each breath and pause

Caring for the aches and pains

And embracing your human strength and limitations.


Why don’t you just notice

The little beings surrounding you

Children, cats, dogs, even the house mice

Vying for your eyes upon them.


Waking up, noticing, being here now

Will repair your brain circuits

Supporting healing from the trauma

That everyday stress brings to you.


Why don’t you just be

Relax, revive, regenerate, renew your soul- being

Breathe, live in this moment, let go…

Why don’t you?


On the mat

I come to the mat today
And I think, today I won’t cry
I’ll be happy and free
But I grab a tissue anyway.

I should not judge myself
For the seemingly bottomless depths
Of loss and grief
And yet I think, by now I should be healed.

But the heart does not know this
So it aches and aches and aches
The eyes don’t know they should be dry
After years of tears and tears and tears.

On this mat this morning, it is a safe place
A warm place where in warrior two my lips can quiver
In dancing warrior I can release the pain toward heaven
And in child’s pose I can nurture the lonely child within.

My plan is to come back here
Again, again, and over again
Until I take that last healing breath
Stepping of the mat, and into the light.

Peaceful Warrior

In yoga class

It’s warm and sunny

I can see the leaves changing outside the window

The traffic noise mingles with Snatnam Kaur’s voice.

In warrior I,  then for a few fleeting seconds

I find myself fully present with my body

I gaze out over my extended hand, that middle finger

I can feel my body as still, small, and compact

Yet I am dense with light

The light and the elements that exploded to make this universe

Are all right there inside of me

This fleeting moment, gone so fast

I am, So hum, I am, So hum

Peaceful Warrior.

Pay Attention

This body hurts sometimes

A little right there on the neck

A lot over here between the scapula

The pains, daily they come and go


Oh, you old trusty bag of bones

You know just when to get my attention

Subtle ache or severe spasm

You wake me up to me


Pinching neck, yikes, who is my pain in the neck

Spasm mid-back, crying out to me

Joints ache when moved, they whisper

Remember, never forget, why you are here


Thank you, old trusty bag of bones

Hurting, aging, declining  body

Suffering pieces of me

Twisting my body up


You call for me to care for myself

You remind me of life’s suffering

Pain, you create a well of empathy within me

From which I can draw upon each day


For we all suffering, on some level

We all have these bags of bones to deal with

Each of us wants to move beyond the pain

And yet pain creates an opportunity to awaken


Pain, dare I say, come to me freely

And teach me what I need to know

About empathy, love, surrender

And awaken the heart of my soul.



When things get better

When things get better

Yes, I’ll do it then

When things are easier

I’ll breathe easier, say “Amen”!


On that day in the future

With a lighter load

I’ll live, laugh, and love

And take that higher road.


Someday, when the timing is good

I’ll do what I need to do

When my thoughts are clear

Perspective no longer askew.


When things get better

And someday they might

Then,I will let go of the burden

And step closer to that light.


When things get better…

Peace Now

To all of the suffering children

Living in trauma and abuse

Know peace now

Aum Shanti Aum


To the women with endless tears

From loss and grief

Aum Shanti Aum

All Peace Now


To the purveyors of war

Fear behind all decisions

Aum Shanti Aum

Bring peace now


To the suffering, the hurt, the anxious

The unknown darkside of humanity

Peace light love now

Aum Shanti Aum.


All Peace Now

All Peace Now

All Peace Now

Aum Shanti Aum.




Profound Dreaming

It was a night of deep dreaming

Sleeping and profound thoughts

She awoke and finally heard the answer

Eight years was the message received.


The day broke with a bright orange sun

And the little one fell into her arms, clinging

she said, I can’t tell you my dreams, mama

They are too scary.


And the remnants of the night’s messages

Hung in the warming air of the summer morning

Profound and perhaps painful dreaming

Meanings to be discerned.

Cold Beauty

A cold dark morning

Just a sliver of a moon rising, higher

Reflecting on a frozen white river

Ink black sky

With diamonds for stars

Sparkle and glitter, winking their light

Breath taking

Awe inspiring

The universe calling

See me here now!

I am the one of beauty

I am the reminder of love in the dark night

In the velvety dark, cold, still, winter morning.

I am one with you

Wake up to your beauty

Even in the still dark winter morning.