Twinges of cold: The door to Winter

Cold wind bites through soft layers

Briskness touching the human core

This is the beginning

Ahead the promised fading toward more


Cold days of frost and dim light

Wintery glittering nights of snow

We think of what may be ahead of us

Yet, we have yet to learn and know


Can we find ways to bring joy

Peace, and ease without light

Can we remember our own humanity

To brighten up the long winter’s night?


Let us welcome the challenge

And swing wide open winter’s door

Let us be thankful, show gratitude

And make this season worth more

Morning ritual

The sun came up

And she closed her eyes

Ignoring the growing light

And color of the skies


The sun rose higher

And with eyes closed tight

She woke up inside

To her own ease and light


Repeating and returning

Mind wanders across internal sky

Watch the clouds floating over

She is preparing to live and die


It’s the morning ritual

And so much more

It’s the opening of the self

Revealing of the cosmic core.


Good morning ritual

Her own life lay from within it grew

Letting go of past and future

Awakening through and through

Eagle or

I thought it was an eagle

At first

Grandly flying by

Oh, wait …


Look harder now

See what I can see

Maybe it’s just a gull

Betraying of my eyes


Breathe and notice

The river gone out to sea

The blue, blue sky

The fading of the day


She flies by again

Graceful and giant

Huge wing span

Oh, Osprey


So clear now

And I can let go

Let go of desire for eagle

And embrace the osprey

I am on fire


It is burning me up

Synapses firing

On Fire


Quench it

Calm it

Slow it down



Feel it flowing through

Feels Good

Lighting up dendrites

On Fire


Let’s be on fire

Hot stuff

Minds spinning out

Burning up


Fire burning bright

Quench it

Or feed it

Feel it


Fire burning

Creates a new path

Fire warms

Grow the Fire


Feel the power

Take the challenge

Transform the power

Feel the fire


Frozen Land

I woke up and I was here

In the cold and frozen land

And I wondered

How did this happen?


I woke up from the dream

And I thought

Wasn’t I just over there

Just a moment or a breath ago?


How did I make it all of the way

Over here from over there?

In just a moment

In such a quick flash of time?


Did God just pick me up?

And move me over here?

Was I just a pawn

In the universal chess game?


It seems strange to be awake

And be all of the way

Over here and not over there

How did that happen?


Over here, over there

I want to go back

And I want move forward

And I am standing still


Right hereĀ  in this place

Though I have no idea how I got here

And what I am doing here

In this frozen land.


Breathe In

Just notice for a moment or two

How the life giving air

Rushes in again… pause… and out again

Over and over


Through nostrils

Into chest

Breathing in

Breathing out


Just notice for a few moments

A few breaths

And you will change

Your whole life


With a few breaths, in and out

Your mind begins to tranform

The neurons fire differently

The pathways change


So breathe in

notice, notice some more

Breathe out

notice, notice some more


It’s always right there for you

Until the moment of complete cessation

And the self transforms

Becoming breath itself


I should be

I should be writing, I think

Instead I am just sitting here

Stumbling, grumbling, grasping

Fighting with the words

That keep getting stuck

in the nooks and crannies of my head.


I should be singing

With a full heart and voice

Sending it out

Across the Universe

For you to sing too

Instead I sit quietly

A burning lump in my throat


I should be running

Faster and stronger

Moving from here to there and back

Again, repeat, again

Meanwhile I lay perfectly still

staring at the icicles

Dripping and losing themselves


Something in me wiggles and writhes about

This is not right to do just nothing

To be bored and restless

Find a focus, something urges

Do something, get busy

Grade these papers, edit that paper

Write this poem


Or go somehwere

Get in your car and go somewhere

Shopping, movie, food, coffee, clothes, shoes

Yoga, gym, hiking, skiing, therapy, bodywork, library

Anything, just get out and go

Here or there or wherever


Or meditate, yes that is it!

Go deep and feel it

Oh yes, that came from here and this from there

And I can feel it there, and here, and over there

What a crazy little monkey mind you have there

And oh yes, write about it

Journal it all up and tie it with a bow


Just do something

The mind propels, compels, active and wild,

Bored and restless and angry

You can’t just sit there

Curled up on the couch like that

Under how many cuddly blankets

Napping like some middle aged loser baby


Don’t just be

Don’t just rest

Don’t just sit there

This is it, just today

Remember all of those other days you just sat there?


I should be….






She is out

She is kicking and screaming inside

Outside, calm, strong, and civil

She will not be held back

She has changed, she wants out


She screams and feels deeply

Anger welling up and up

Rising to burn and burn and burn

The fear and anxiety away, she is out


Scr@w this she screams

Scr@w all of this fear and anxiety

I am not doing this anymore

I am out and I am here now, clearly present


I will be true to my nature

And recognize my failures

Even as I move away and on

And I reach further and further


I will expand she screams

I will engage and move forward

I will not be brought down

Do you hear me????


I am here right now

Clear and open and present

I am burning bright

You will not douse me now.


My true nature is out.