I saw you

Across that room

I saw you

Your smile brightening up

The entire place

I  really saw you.


I remember your look of joy

And I thought, someday

We might be friends

If I am lucky enough

But at least I saw you there.


And maybe, I can admit it now

I was a little jealous

Because I could see your light

So clear, flowing, bright

A smile that could change the world.


I want that, I thought

I want to be that

And I want to have that

I want to be and have

What I saw there in you.


And it all started with

Me looking up

And really seeing you

Recognizing how that light flowed

And moved through you.


I hope someday

You might see me too

And recognize my light

The way I recognized yours

Beaming for all to see.

Unbearable Compassion

So much loss, these many children gone

In an instant

An insane slaughter

Of life, love, potential.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

How to maintain love and compassion for all

This is the task before us

This is what will end wars

And usher in peace

For mankind.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Remember why you are here

Love, serve, remember

To practice unbearable compassion

For all suffering

Even for all bad, evil, corrupt acts

It will be unbearable

Eventually after years of aching…

Om Mani Padme Hum.

After years of practicing compassion

Your heart will flow with love and light

It will be seen in your body

Shining forth love

In your voice

Soothing and grounding

In your movement

Elegant and light

In your beaming smile

Om Mani Padme Hum.

And you will embrace all of it

And soothe all of it

And deeply know all of it

You will become

Unbearable compassion for all.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Into the light

I stepped into a foreign place

And I faltered a bit

Looking for  a warm embrace.

Slowly he guided me

“Be still listen to the music”

Whatever will be, will be.

Slowly I moved, circling left then right

I gained courage to take the chance

I stepped into the brightest of light.

It was so very brilliant, truly blazing

I met the sacred ones there

The pure love they shared was amazing.

The ancestors, they whispered me to love and let go

All is well, dear one,

You know everything you need to know.

When I emerged from this excursion

I knew that I was ready for change

A new love arising form the immersion.

Now you will see, from within me,

The eternal light that is emerging

This is what will be, and be, and be.


I inhale

Again, again, again

Breathing and relaxing

Being with the inhale


When I open my eyes

The world has shifted

And changed in ways

I can’t explain.


Suddenly, I am more at ease

I am more myself

Lighter in body

Stronger in being


Now I am more present

More aware of the endless beauty

It’s all right before me

Beautiful leaves, smiling children, happy music


So I will come back again

And breathe slowly

Inhaling and relishing

This way to change the world.

Peace Prayer: Please

Sitting in a quiet comfortable place

With your blessings all around

Open up your heart’s deep space

And pray without a sound.


If you believe peace is a right

Then say your prayers right here

God, please help us end this fight

Take away the suffering and the fear.


When we are feeling safe and warm

It is the time to pray

God please remove all of the harm

And bring peace now to stay.


Can you feel the space

The one that peace can create?

Bringing forward a new time and place

Leaving behind fear and hate.


So if you believe in peace

Pray with all of your heart

That all of these wars will cease

And fear will fall apart.


Note from the author: If you have been blessed with a capacity for peace right now, please share that with the world in whatever way you can. Some ways to spread peace are to keep propagating it through action, thought, and a peaceful consciousness.



When the stars fall from my eyes

When I have been planted and grown

Stretching to new heights

Swaying through every storm

And breathing through every moment of my birth


When I have been felled to the earth

Returning to the father-mother-God

Cosmic conscious freed since my birth

Oh Freedom, Oh Life,  Oh Liberty,


When I melt back into the one

When the moon rises above me

Chasing the setting of my life’s sun

Seeking the everlasting comfort of  shade


When the liquid of stars fall from these eyes

All human tears  gone at last

My heart and soul will sail to the skies

Then I will find my way back home


My soul released at last

Sweet Liberty, Sweet Freedom

Know that my heart will sing, free at last.

Home upon home upon home.


Welcome back the soul

Watch the cosmic stars trembling,

Returning after paying the toll

Watch for the stardust of my life.





Me and You, Don’t We See?

It’s hard being just ME

With an EGO from here to there

Don’t you see, don’t you see?

It’s hard being just ME.


It must be difficult being YOU

Over the gap from here

Don’t you see, don’t you see?

I want to meet you over there.


It’s almost impossible to be WE

We have to go to that space

Where we can see

Beyond the bounds of time and space


Let’s evolve our consciousness

So we can see, we can see

Beyond this limited dimension

Of a distant YOU and ME