A Little Yoga

You want healing

Take just a little yoga now.

Feel the breath

Be present.

Notice body, breath, spirit yoked together

Notice thoughts

Watch thoughts change.

Accept all of it:

The body today

The fear and pain today

The joy and pleasure today.

At the end of the hour

Or longer

Notice the release

From stress, anxiety, fear, and pain

Walk into peace, ease, and grace

And thank all beings.




The Between Space

Not yet winter

Letting go of fall

And dreaming of what is yet to come.

The cool air reminds us

That days ahead may be dark.

Today we can take a step back

And rest in the between space.

Notice the air and the subtle shifts

Find the space between inhale and exhale

The pause of the breath

The place of rest.

Between this moment and the next

Between action and inaction

Between the moment of birth

And the letting go of the shell.

The between space

Ever present

Easily accessed

Stop now and find yourself

Between, at the here and now.

Why Don’t You?

Why don’t you sit by the fire

Put your feet up

Sip some tea

And color in your coloring book?


You need these moments to renew,

To revive your weary mind

To be here right now

And let go of what should be left behind.


Why don’t you breathe in

This very moment… and the next and the next

As you stretch up from your yoga mat

Reaching for the stars in the heavens.


You need to feel your body here

Noticing each breath and pause

Caring for the aches and pains

And embracing your human strength and limitations.


Why don’t you just notice

The little beings surrounding you

Children, cats, dogs, even the house mice

Vying for your eyes upon them.


Waking up, noticing, being here now

Will repair your brain circuits

Supporting healing from the trauma

That everyday stress brings to you.


Why don’t you just be

Relax, revive, regenerate, renew your soul- being

Breathe, live in this moment, let go…

Why don’t you?


On the mat

I come to the mat today
And I think, today I won’t cry
I’ll be happy and free
But I grab a tissue anyway.

I should not judge myself
For the seemingly bottomless depths
Of loss and grief
And yet I think, by now I should be healed.

But the heart does not know this
So it aches and aches and aches
The eyes don’t know they should be dry
After years of tears and tears and tears.

On this mat this morning, it is a safe place
A warm place where in warrior two my lips can quiver
In dancing warrior I can release the pain toward heaven
And in child’s pose I can nurture the lonely child within.

My plan is to come back here
Again, again, and over again
Until I take that last healing breath
Stepping of the mat, and into the light.

Peaceful Warrior

In yoga class

It’s warm and sunny

I can see the leaves changing outside the window

The traffic noise mingles with Snatnam Kaur’s voice.

In warrior I,  then for a few fleeting seconds

I find myself fully present with my body

I gaze out over my extended hand, that middle finger

I can feel my body as still, small, and compact

Yet I am dense with light

The light and the elements that exploded to make this universe

Are all right there inside of me

This fleeting moment, gone so fast

I am, So hum, I am, So hum

Peaceful Warrior.

Love, serve, remember

Love, serve, remember… why we are here today?


Love, deeply, fully, with all of your heart

Close your eyes, focus on the heart

Feel love deeply from within

Spread love out toward all


Serve fellow human and animal beings

We are all on this planet-spaceship together

Bow deeply toward another

Recognizing and feeling  the connection


Remember from whence you came

Stardust, recycled materials, eternal forever

Agreements made and fulfilled, living a long dream

Love, serve remember….


Yoga Class

It’s just a yoga class

In a sunshine-y room with a heater on

As the clouds stream by outside

We rest quietly inside

While to world streams by outside

Breathing, focusing, drifting

Soon enough, we move our bodies

Poses into poses

Pausing to breathe, stretch, be here now

It’s just a yoga class

A room filled with 8 women

All of use surely over 45 and maybe up into our 60’s

We are in regular yoga clothes

Nothing fancy or extraordinary

Because it is just a yoga class

In a small town in New England

And we don’t think of yoga as exercise

We honor it as a path toward relaxation and healing

We use kapalbhati breath

Pulling our abdomens back to our spines

Passively inhaling

And I wonder if our skulls really are shining

I shake as always during the holding of the poses

12 years of yoga and still I shake

As if I am still shaking off all of life’s little traumas

In the fine tremors of my body

Finally we come back to the mat

One last twist, be a happy baby

And then, the best, the savasana

It’s just a yoga class

Still as important as any other yoga class

Thank you for practicing, for creating peace ease inside of yourself


Love House

I had a flash one morning

Of all of the love in this house

Of the love in this family

Of the love in this world


I am left in awe of the love

I have received and feel

I question how I have come

To deserve this much love


And I know I must spread the word

It is right there, right at your fingertips

Simply open your heart, in the here and now

And love will enter in


Bring love first to yourself

Then to your very closest and dearest

 To you friends and family; then spread it out

To all enemies and challengers


May we all know peace, ease, love, and joy

May all of our hearts be full

May we hold each other in God’s light

May love rule our planet.


Time and place

Do you remember when you were in this unknown wide open place,

And everything fell into a particularly wide-open time and space?

When the day would seem to go on toward infinity, and never coming to an end

And every body you met stopped to say hello, hug you, and call you friend?

That infinitel time and place.

Back when you were everything, something and nothing at all

Just but a moment in time spreading across the day moving into night fall. 

That wide open time and place.

You were a universe with no clocks no boundaries no time to be lost

And every musical note brought meaning to your life with no cost.

That boundary-less time and space

How can you describe the oneness that you felt?

Like your heart opening to the cosmos from where you once dwelt.

No matter, no need to describe if you open and return there now

Like leaning toward forever, remembering the who when and how.


Morning ritual

The sun came up

And she closed her eyes

Ignoring the growing light

And color of the skies


The sun rose higher

And with eyes closed tight

She woke up inside

To her own ease and light


Repeating and returning

Mind wanders across internal sky

Watch the clouds floating over

She is preparing to live and die


It’s the morning ritual

And so much more

It’s the opening of the self

Revealing of the cosmic core.


Good morning ritual

Her own life lay from within it grew

Letting go of past and future

Awakening through and through