This Love

Many years ago

I stood before the gathering

Of family and friends

And I spoke to you about this love.


This love so fine

And I described it with ancient words

Love lives on with us

Into our old age.


How was I to know at that moment

What was to be ahead

The trajectory of love

And the precious task of its growth?


To learn to love and accept

To sit in this heart space

Of unconditional regard

To appreciate how we age and evolve.


This older version of love

Perhaps not so rare

Yet still so fine

Fills me with gratitude.

A Tribe

She walked in the room
Breathed deeply
I am at home
This is my tribe.
Hearts were wide open
Love flowed everywhere
She looked with all of herself
Third eye awareness.
How many lifetimes
Had they met in this way?
A cosmic consciousness
To love, serve, remember.
Rooted together
Healing the self and other
Growing stronger each day
A tribe to call home.
She walked out of the room
Carrying with her
The tribe’s light
Rooted in loving, serving, remembering.

It’s okay

It’s just a feeling, and it will pass

So it’s all okay.

It’s okay to be filled with uncertainty

after hitting that send button and watching the email sail away.

It’s okay to feel like crying

wondering if your journey there will come to an end.

It’s okay to feel those feelings running so deepy

because, dear one, this too will pass.

It will pass and you will move along on your journey.

It will pass and you will still have this moment

And this moment too, and the next moment.

In those moments you have the new opportunity

to be with your breath, to discover your true nature,

to walk into suffering

to realize your interconnectedness…

All of this in a changing universe

Where it’s all okay.

Morning blessing

Woken by the hum of a mosquito in her ear

4:15 am and the sun is casting early light around the edges of the mountains

With bleary eyes she gazes out over a calm lake

Like glass reflecting the sky and green trees nature comes into focus

It is too early to be gazing and searching for peace

Mantras spin through her mind

She dozes back to sleep, a feeling of peace

That only such communing with nature can bring