A circle

We formed a circle

Sitting around a center filled with love

And reminders: hearts, candles, light.

We listened

And we shared

We cried

And reached for rumbled tissues.

We sat in that circle and we realized

How completely broken and shattered we are

And how completely whole and loved we are.

In that circle, we were both and all.

Emotions came tumbling out of us

Unlocked by a greater presence.

So now we fly apart and away from the center

We continue on this healing journey

Grieving and healing, laughing and crying.

Answering the call toward love

That grew from moments in the circle.

These tools

I come to care for you

And I have some precious tools

That have been granted me.

First, I use my eyes

To see you, your physical being

The place where you rest

Taking in the whole environment

And your aura of life.

Next I use my ears

As I listen to the sounds of your environment

And the nuances of your voice.

My entire body listens through my ears

And I sit quietly by your side

Absorbing your words and the deeper meanings

Our beings connecting here and now.

I use my touch

To tell if you are warm or cool

Feeling pulses and anointing your aching body

Energy moves through the universe, to both me and you

Your consciousnesses unit in the touch.

My most important tool

Is always at work

I must remember though, to care for this tool

To return to this tool again and again:

The tool of the heart.

For the heart knows

When and how to give care, love, compassion.

The heart reaches out, radiating its own electromagnetic field

A tool of communication

A tool of presence

A tool of here and now being

The most important tool

For healing the self and other.



A Tribe

She walked in the room
Breathed deeply
I am at home
This is my tribe.
Hearts were wide open
Love flowed everywhere
She looked with all of herself
Third eye awareness.
How many lifetimes
Had they met in this way?
A cosmic consciousness
To love, serve, remember.
Rooted together
Healing the self and other
Growing stronger each day
A tribe to call home.
She walked out of the room
Carrying with her
The tribe’s light
Rooted in loving, serving, remembering.

I am not here… I am here

I am not here

To be your guardian of the continual, traditional processes.

I am not here to bend and break apart

Spreading the ashes of our dream back to the broken landscape of the earth.

I am not here to harm others, with silent violence

And continue to propagate oppression of those who are vulnerable.

I am here to be a warrior

Peacefully creating change and supporting evolution.

I am here to be a conduit

Of a message far beyond my actual experience and understanding.

I am here to quietly, paradoxically, scream about the change

And to have faith that it is happening.

I am here to open my heart fully to this process

Sacrificing and growing toward love every minute.

I am here to spark the fire in you

And watch you sail away toward your own dream manifestation.


For Nurses on Nurse’s Day 2015

It is Florence Nightingale’s birthday

And I realize it has taken me many years

To really understand her precepts

To deeply connect with the idea

That environments of caring support people’s own healing process.

I hold forth now

That all nursing is holistic-caring nursing

And if you disagree, I would kindly suggest

That if it is not holistic and caring, it is not nursing.

If it is not holistic-caring, it may be that

Some nurses have become the technical hand maiden

The extension of the idea of curing versus healing.

I invite you to take a step both forward and backward:

Forward toward the essence and heart of nursing as caring-healing practices

Backward toward the concept that healing is about environment

Forward to the idea that consciousness impacts the environment and healing

Backward to the idea that people need clean water, sound nutrition, fresh air, and sanitation

Forward to the thought that the earth is in a healing process

Backward to the notion of recognizing our unity as one group spinning around the sun.

I wish all nurses a journey toward peace, healing, love, and light

A successful flight back toward caring practices

I pray for our profession’s healing and that all beings to move toward a greater evolution

As Interconnected Unitary Human Beings.


Sisters’ Prayer

You are my sisters

Not by blood, but by profession

And I honor your journey

Through this small heart felt expression.


Dear sisters, I cannot imagine

The feelings you have about this plight

But know that we stand beside you

Shining our nursing light.


We pray now for all the best

For great healing to be upon you

For love, for light, for peace, and ease

May your healing be complete, through and through.


Nurse Amber Vinson and Nurse Nina Pham

Dear sisters, we are now connected

We stand beside you through it all

All nurses have been affected.


We look forward to hearing your story of healing

And all that you can share

We will hold you in the loving light

Doing what nurses do: We Care.