Dreaming Night and Light

She rest her head on the sweet, soft pillow

And feel into her mantra for sleep

The world continued to spin on its access

Weather, wind right outside her door.

And she began to dream

At first dreams of those departed

And she held onto them while she could

Asking for answers they did not have.

The dreams grew and evolved

Flowing into the master dream of all

Of Universal Light and Love

Radiating for all to see, beckoning all to just be.

When she awoke so early the next morning

There was a world filled with light

Love, Peace, and Joy… they were everywhere

The sweetest dreams, they really can come true.

It’s All About Love

I was gliding between sleep and wakefulness

And suddenly a feeling came over me

A whispering in my head

An opening in my heart

“It’s all about LOVE.

This whole life, LOVE.

Moment to moment, LOVE.

Radiating LOVE.”

And then as the tears streamed down

I realized how many times I didn’t LOVE….

How I judged, and disliked, and maybe even hated.

Not once in awhile, but daily I forgot to LOVE.

And how I need to keep striving

Keep cultivating

Moving ever forward up the spiral

Toward LOVE.

LOVE for self

LOVE for others….

EVERY single other…. friend, foe, enemy, politician, acquaintance, relative, evil doers, saints, all of God’s creatures

Drying the tears, I declared

This is my enlightenment goal.


Unbearable Compassion

So much loss, these many children gone

In an instant

An insane slaughter

Of life, love, potential.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

How to maintain love and compassion for all

This is the task before us

This is what will end wars

And usher in peace

For mankind.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Remember why you are here

Love, serve, remember

To practice unbearable compassion

For all suffering

Even for all bad, evil, corrupt acts

It will be unbearable

Eventually after years of aching…

Om Mani Padme Hum.

After years of practicing compassion

Your heart will flow with love and light

It will be seen in your body

Shining forth love

In your voice

Soothing and grounding

In your movement

Elegant and light

In your beaming smile

Om Mani Padme Hum.

And you will embrace all of it

And soothe all of it

And deeply know all of it

You will become

Unbearable compassion for all.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

The great suffering

A song comes on the radio

And suddenly I am flooded with a memory

Of a mother who lost her son

Before the tears can fall

My lips and chin quiver, out of my control

And the suffering is slamming into my body

Screaming at me to…

Wake up!

I realize, someday I too will lose

My deepest loves of my life

And I think of my own parents

Wondering how they experienced our own dysfunction

And our loss of connection…

Did they miss me and cry for me when I was gone from home?

I do not recall …or I cannot recall …or I will not recall

And now I must tell my own children

My two darlings

I will always love you, I will always remain with you

Through the great suffering of our attachment and love

Onto our loss and pain, and through to our healing.

Life, love, attachment, death, dying, pain, aversion… suffering

We are, I am, and so it is.

Slipping into change

Slipping and sliding along
These thin precarious sheets
I am at risk and weary
There must be a better way.
I could decide to change
Toss aside these always running shoes
Sign up for a lesson
And learn to glide along the ice.
I could twirl and swirl my way
Learn to glide with grace
No longer be afraid of ice
Or falling on my a$$.
Embrace how things are
And walk the way of change
No more slipping, sliding, fear
Moving into the heart’s new space.