Why Don’t You?

Why don’t you sit by the fire

Put your feet up

Sip some tea

And color in your coloring book?


You need these moments to renew,

To revive your weary mind

To be here right now

And let go of what should be left behind.


Why don’t you breathe in

This very moment… and the next and the next

As you stretch up from your yoga mat

Reaching for the stars in the heavens.


You need to feel your body here

Noticing each breath and pause

Caring for the aches and pains

And embracing your human strength and limitations.


Why don’t you just notice

The little beings surrounding you

Children, cats, dogs, even the house mice

Vying for your eyes upon them.


Waking up, noticing, being here now

Will repair your brain circuits

Supporting healing from the trauma

That everyday stress brings to you.


Why don’t you just be

Relax, revive, regenerate, renew your soul- being

Breathe, live in this moment, let go…

Why don’t you?


Counting Blessings

I sit and count

One blessing after another

So many reasons to be grateful

For this moment right here and now.

Today I saw two single rouge snowflakes

It was supposed to rain

And yet God knows I love snow…

He must have sent me the flake as silent sign of hope.

Tonight I will drive home safely

In my warm car

And arrive in time to kiss two beautiful girls goodnight

My heart will be filled with love and gratitude.

I never thought this dream was possible

And yet here it is, day after day

This beautiful life unfolding

Blessings and gratitude building upon each other

Day after day after….


Your story

Did I tell you about the time

I awoke in the middle of the night

To see my guardian angel

Floating above, in a soft glowing light?


Have I mentioned before

The time when I was on the verge

And the end didn’t happen

Something unknown halted the urge.


Then there was the day

When the universe opened up with a smile

And I knew I was guided on this journey

Moment to moment, and mile after mile


Can you tell me about those times

When your were guided or broken?

Why is it that some of those deepest of human times

Love, heartbreak, mystery,  the thoughts go unspoken.


So drink down your warm tea

As you sit with me here

Please tell me your story

We can together forever hold it near.