Cherish and the Silver Box of Love

She took her love, such a precious gift

And she carefully wrapped it in fine silk,

covered it in lace,

tied it with a pretty purple bow.

Gingerly, she laid her love in the silver box

And handed it over to her beloved.

Her beloved at first embraced the gift

Displayed it for all to see, the shiny silver box, in the place of cherish.

Eventually the silver box grew older

And beloved grew ever so tired

Of remembering to return to the place of chreish

And care for the exquisite gift of love.

The silver box of love was slowly buried

Under the heavy weight of years’ old anger, fear, and rejection.

The giver of the box grew old and tired and herself.

One day she really woke up, seeing deeply in the mirror

The silver streaks in her hair and wrinkles cascading her face

Warning her that this lifetime was short.

There was a small yearning inside of herself

And she found herself in the place of cherish.

She began to slowly dig through the weight that was burying the silver box

She used her strengths of love, of compassion, of caring

And grain by grain, she unearthed the box once more.

Though the box was nearly broken from the weight it had withstood

Inside the tarnished silver covering

She found the beautiful purple bow

The still white lace

The soft silk protective cover.

And love was still alive there

Not worn or tarnished

But as pristine and unconditional as the day

She had decided to give it away.

She returned to her beloved and said

Look what I have unearthed, from the place of cherish

And they cried with delight

To know that no matter the weight of the pain

Love somehow lived on and on.



I was standing in the tower

In the place of the mountain

City by the beautiful bay

Looking out into the darkness

I was so untethered there

That all I could do was think of you

And dream you into my life.

The next day I ran

I ran and ran along the sea

Through the fog

And up to the crest of the 1000 foot mountain

Overlooking the churning deep blue sea.

I was afraid to go closer

Closer to the edge, because part of me was there already

Sitting on the edge of that high seaside mountain

Thinking of flying off, and not flying off.

To fly and really feel how untethered to this world I was

Or to sit back down on the earth

And go back to dreaming of a weight, weight to hold me here.

The depth of emptiness, loneliness at that time

Is hard, and yet not hard at all, to recall and I am not quite sure

What pulled me through, why I did not fly those days on the mountain

There must have been the dreams I still had

Of one day, a family, one day a tethering to this world.

For me it did come, the bracing to life, but it was a long journey back

One I still walk each day, as I examine the fragile tethering that holds me

And if you are felling untethered, I would like to say hold on

Healing is possible, reach out for this line

That I am tossing to you now

I will be your tether whenever, however I can

I’ll hold you in this space on earth.



Lost Poems

All day long

Poem, after poem, after poem

Went running through my head

Like too many little joggers

Running a never ending marathon.

Perfect I thought, I won’t forget that!

Beautiful I murmured as the poem picture emerged in my head.

Wow, I breathed, that one is a winner!

And then ..poof…oh, no

I forgot them all

As good as dust in the wind as

My brain released them back to the universe.

So maybe you will catch one of those poems

A free flying consciousness in the universe

Hopefully you will wrap it up prettily in writing

And secure it with a tight and shiny ribbon

Then I will wonder, why does this sound so familiar?

Of course, it is because it flowed through me too

And I will thank you and practice gratitude

For your catching all of the ones

That flew into and out of my head so quickly

And I will love how you evolved them

Such magic they were then, and such magic they will be again.