Dear____: A love letter poem

This is to the person who needs it the most. AKA: Fill in the blank poetry. Enjoy.



I am writing this letter

And sending it off in the ____

To tell you I love you

I love you the ______.


Your eyes they intrigue me

Their color so _____

Your mind is amazing

Your body like _______


Oh how I care for you

I can hear your _____ laughter

I know we’ll be together ____

Happy ever after.


Remember this someday

When you are feeling _______

And I’ll still sing all of your praises

My heart will remain _______


Oh, my dear fair _____

I love you more each day

Oh, my darling ____

This passion is here to stay.


Until we meet again

My cuddle bum, sweetie ____

I remain forever yours

For of this love, it cannot ____!


D.I.Y Poem: Chose your emerging consciousness option

The morning/ evening was {beautiful}, {extraordinary}, {stunning}, {slow moving}, {serene}

A {glorious}, {red-orange}, {reluctant},{silver}, {golden}, sun/ moon arose/descended

{slowly}, {quickly}, {quietly},{anonymously} over/ under the horizon.


I {glanced}, {gazed}, {observed}, {witnessed}, {discovered} myself for just a moment

Ah, my own reflection from the {window pane}, {pond water}, {rear-view mirror}

And I don’t look so different from/ like the {orb}, {planet}, {celestial being} {planetary landmark}.


Now, I recognize our {harmony}, {oneness}, {unity}, {fragility}, {shared consciousness}

I am {hear now} {at peace} {content}, knowing this emerging reality

I am beyond being {humbled}, {supported}, (subdued} by this concept.


I am {one}, {all}, {love}, {light}

I am {awake}, {alive}, {free}

My heart is {full}, {light}, (emancipated}.

Farewell for now

I look at you

Laying there on the worn green couch

And I am filled with contempt

For you and you alone


You are worn and stained

Old and shabby

Though you have only been through 2 seasons

You may be useless in the near future


So pretty and purple

Not that long ago

And now you weigh me down heavily

You are simply too much


Too much for the sunshine emerging

The green returning

The birds soon chirping

Changing of the seasons


You get to go away now

Go back to the attic

Folded into a pile

Stinking of moth balls


Perhaps you will be replaced

next year maybe

But for now you can rest

folding in on yourself


Farewell my winter friend

Purple, stained, and warm

Farewell for now

Purple down coat