Birdie for Bernie

It was just a little bird

He came flying by and by

He was just a little sparrow

Landing so he caught the movement’s eye.


He was just a tiny perfect bird

And yet he was so much more

He symbolized love and peace

And he soon became a special lore.


A message from the heavens

“This is the one I choose”

For he aligns with all of my desires

My spiritual and hopeful views.


This tiny bird he symbolizes

A world to be born anew

This beautiful totem animal

In hope to you he flew.


Sing on now all of you sparrows

Bring the message far and wide

Bringing peace and greatest ease

This movement will not hide.




When the loss is so great

And your heart feels beyond heavy

Saturated with grief and pain

Don’t run and hide in the fear

Rather open up completely

Let the grief swallow you whole

Let the pain tear you apart, bit by bit

Remolding your core of being

For when you open up to

The free falling dark abyss of grief

You will walk through that dark, fire-y, painful night

You will stumble and fall

You will ache and hurt

You will shudder and cry out

And you will carry on, forward marching

And emerge anew

On another side of this universe

Filled with peace, ease, love, and light.

So go now, and take all of your braveness

All of your love that you once knew for this precious lost soul

And allow it to propel you forward

Taking the hand of those who are likewise suffering

Together, you can scream through that dark abyss

Shed rivers of tears on the burning path

Rake your soul over the flames of death

And at last come to calm those fires

With your own healing river of tears

Be brave dear souls

And walk into that promise

Of a light filled peace

Emerging beyond the abyss.


Hush Now

Hush now

Watch a river flowing by

Guided by winds and tides

You reflect what meets the eye.


Quiet now

Stand strong as the tallest tree

Take up your space when needed

And do it comfortably.


Smile now

Watch the eagle fly overhead

Soar higher and higher

Rise above the flow of bloodshed.


Tears now

Seeing children laugh and play

Let go of fears of tomorrow

And be filled with grace today.