Morning ritual

The sun came up

And she closed her eyes

Ignoring the growing light

And color of the skies


The sun rose higher

And with eyes closed tight

She woke up inside

To her own ease and light


Repeating and returning

Mind wanders across internal sky

Watch the clouds floating over

She is preparing to live and die


It’s the morning ritual

And so much more

It’s the opening of the self

Revealing of the cosmic core.


Good morning ritual

Her own life lay from within it grew

Letting go of past and future

Awakening through and through

We need a world of peace

We need a world of peace

Of connection

Of understanding that

We are one


We need a world of love

Where people reach out

To one another

With full and open hearts


Everybody must be taught

To acknowledge the differences

Release the sufering

Accept life deeply


We need God’s love

Open your heart

Feel it here now

Full of healing light


We have the capacity

For this love and light filled world

Surround us in the light

Fill this world with peace.


Boston, April 15, 2012.

Eagle or

I thought it was an eagle

At first

Grandly flying by

Oh, wait …


Look harder now

See what I can see

Maybe it’s just a gull

Betraying of my eyes


Breathe and notice

The river gone out to sea

The blue, blue sky

The fading of the day


She flies by again

Graceful and giant

Huge wing span

Oh, Osprey


So clear now

And I can let go

Let go of desire for eagle

And embrace the osprey

Farewell for now

I look at you

Laying there on the worn green couch

And I am filled with contempt

For you and you alone


You are worn and stained

Old and shabby

Though you have only been through 2 seasons

You may be useless in the near future


So pretty and purple

Not that long ago

And now you weigh me down heavily

You are simply too much


Too much for the sunshine emerging

The green returning

The birds soon chirping

Changing of the seasons


You get to go away now

Go back to the attic

Folded into a pile

Stinking of moth balls


Perhaps you will be replaced

next year maybe

But for now you can rest

folding in on yourself


Farewell my winter friend

Purple, stained, and warm

Farewell for now

Purple down coat



I am on fire


It is burning me up

Synapses firing

On Fire


Quench it

Calm it

Slow it down



Feel it flowing through

Feels Good

Lighting up dendrites

On Fire


Let’s be on fire

Hot stuff

Minds spinning out

Burning up


Fire burning bright

Quench it

Or feed it

Feel it


Fire burning

Creates a new path

Fire warms

Grow the Fire


Feel the power

Take the challenge

Transform the power

Feel the fire


I Miss You Golden Shores

The light, the air

Golden ray of sunshine

Still I left and ran fast

Searching for what was mine


A golden oak, splashing sea

The greenest of the green

Melting in my mind

That long-lost childhood scene


That golden land of promise

She whispers out my name

Hearing it from another shore

Missing her all the same


A soft breeze

Cooling, too much warmth

The sun she radiates to me

Singing to me, calling me forth.


Land of big dreams

Of  light, of love, and of loss

Back-forth, up-down,

Throw my heart back with a toss.