Sometimes Grief

Sometimes grief slips out

When I am least aware.

Like when the person on the radio says something so relatable,

Or the book my child is reading makes a relevant point,

And I feel it well up inside of me.

Throat constricting, tears brimming, nose running.

Usually I feel it and think why?

Why should I care anymore, you have been gone so long?

I should be over this….

Even as the tears slide down my face, and I pretend like I still don’t care.

It doesn’t matter that you were not kind

That you had not the ability to be thoughtful

That you were too broken

To be a caring person


That we were not close those last years.

Estrangement does not loosen the grip of grief

Though it can make it difficult

To break down and walk through the stoney cold wall

That was built up for protection.

But every now and then it happens

The proper words, the forgotten song,

The right set and setting…

And only then the grief leaks out, in micro amounts.

A few tears spilling down my cheeks

Silent, heart aching, never ending

A quiet reminder

That you are still missed.

Only then, grief spills out.



Sisters’ Prayer

You are my sisters

Not by blood, but by profession

And I honor your journey

Through this small heart felt expression.


Dear sisters, I cannot imagine

The feelings you have about this plight

But know that we stand beside you

Shining our nursing light.


We pray now for all the best

For great healing to be upon you

For love, for light, for peace, and ease

May your healing be complete, through and through.


Nurse Amber Vinson and Nurse Nina Pham

Dear sisters, we are now connected

We stand beside you through it all

All nurses have been affected.


We look forward to hearing your story of healing

And all that you can share

We will hold you in the loving light

Doing what nurses do: We Care.