Summer Home

I tried not to drag out

The long sweet good bye.

I simply gazed upon you

Shining so bright and alive.


So farewell for now

My dear sweet place

Where all of these months

You have been my solid base.


I leave you in colors

Bright with crimson and gold

Soon they too will flee

Crumbling and crinkly, gone and old.


I know you will stand here solidly

All through the winter long

And when I return

I will bring with me a new song.


A song of love

Of generosity and light

A song to sing aloud

through the changing season’s light.

I Miss You Golden Shores

The light, the air

Golden ray of sunshine

Still I left and ran fast

Searching for what was mine


A golden oak, splashing sea

The greenest of the green

Melting in my mind

That long-lost childhood scene


That golden land of promise

She whispers out my name

Hearing it from another shore

Missing her all the same


A soft breeze

Cooling, too much warmth

The sun she radiates to me

Singing to me, calling me forth.


Land of big dreams

Of  light, of love, and of loss

Back-forth, up-down,

Throw my heart back with a toss.