Here, now

Sit, sit, sit, sit

Sit some more

Breathe and wonder


What time is it now?

How much time has passed?

Why do I do this?


Sit and breathe

And wonder some


Mind wanders across

The landscape of life

Wandering, worrying, pondering, planning, jumping, judging

Sit some more

Breathe and return


Again and again

Day after day

Always taking that moment

To Sit and Breathe

And return again

to the here and now moment


Nurses’ Week: A Narrative Poem of Light, 2013

A poem I wrote on another blog for nurses’ week


She will come and be with you

Guiding you on that deep and personal journey

Shining a light ahead for you

A light that only comes from within

And creeps into your lonely places of suffering.


He will speak kind words in the dark of night

Opening your windows to fresh air

Holding your hand gently and bringing about peace

And acting as a guide for you on your path toward the unknown.


They will walk with you

On your personal healing journey

Supporting your capacity for healing, and ending suffering

All brought about by Love

And skills developed during the nurses’ own healing journey.


These nurses of healing and light

Inspired by Florence Nightingale and purveyors of human caring,

They are shining the light into the darkness of healthcare

They are healing the heart of the world.


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