The Way She Breathes

Running through the woods

The trail rises up, to meet her feet

She is running through the woods

And green life breathes around her.


Standing by the sea

Oceans pounding, rising, receding

Drip by drop they sing their rhythmic sound

And the ocean breathes itself into being in front of her.


Living by the river

Pink-orange sun rises above the calm tidal body

River ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows

And the river breathes itself to life beside her.


Back to the deep green forest

Back to the swirling ocean waves

Home to the river, flowing onward

This is the way she breathes.

These tools

I come to care for you

And I have some precious tools

That have been granted me.

First, I use my eyes

To see you, your physical being

The place where you rest

Taking in the whole environment

And your aura of life.

Next I use my ears

As I listen to the sounds of your environment

And the nuances of your voice.

My entire body listens through my ears

And I sit quietly by your side

Absorbing your words and the deeper meanings

Our beings connecting here and now.

I use my touch

To tell if you are warm or cool

Feeling pulses and anointing your aching body

Energy moves through the universe, to both me and you

Your consciousnesses unit in the touch.

My most important tool

Is always at work

I must remember though, to care for this tool

To return to this tool again and again:

The tool of the heart.

For the heart knows

When and how to give care, love, compassion.

The heart reaches out, radiating its own electromagnetic field

A tool of communication

A tool of presence

A tool of here and now being

The most important tool

For healing the self and other.



Cherish and the Silver Box of Love

She took her love, such a precious gift

And she carefully wrapped it in fine silk,

covered it in lace,

tied it with a pretty purple bow.

Gingerly, she laid her love in the silver box

And handed it over to her beloved.

Her beloved at first embraced the gift

Displayed it for all to see, the shiny silver box, in the place of cherish.

Eventually the silver box grew older

And beloved grew ever so tired

Of remembering to return to the place of chreish

And care for the exquisite gift of love.

The silver box of love was slowly buried

Under the heavy weight of years’ old anger, fear, and rejection.

The giver of the box grew old and tired and herself.

One day she really woke up, seeing deeply in the mirror

The silver streaks in her hair and wrinkles cascading her face

Warning her that this lifetime was short.

There was a small yearning inside of herself

And she found herself in the place of cherish.

She began to slowly dig through the weight that was burying the silver box

She used her strengths of love, of compassion, of caring

And grain by grain, she unearthed the box once more.

Though the box was nearly broken from the weight it had withstood

Inside the tarnished silver covering

She found the beautiful purple bow

The still white lace

The soft silk protective cover.

And love was still alive there

Not worn or tarnished

But as pristine and unconditional as the day

She had decided to give it away.

She returned to her beloved and said

Look what I have unearthed, from the place of cherish

And they cried with delight

To know that no matter the weight of the pain

Love somehow lived on and on.


She is rising up and growing stronger

Just beyond the sheer blanket of ocean before me

I witness the beginning of her elegant ascent

Glowing only the way she can

Bright red and deep orange

She glides up over the water’s never ending edge

The life giving globe, the brightest thing I know

I welcome her, with this dawn of the new day

She responds by endlessly burning away

As if she will never burn out

A constant source of life and energy

And once more she begins her smooth path

Across the pale blue sky

Leaving lingering sherbet colored reflections

On the water below.