Farewell for now

I look at you

Laying there on the worn green couch

And I am filled with contempt

For you and you alone


You are worn and stained

Old and shabby

Though you have only been through 2 seasons

You may be useless in the near future


So pretty and purple

Not that long ago

And now you weigh me down heavily

You are simply too much


Too much for the sunshine emerging

The green returning

The birds soon chirping

Changing of the seasons


You get to go away now

Go back to the attic

Folded into a pile

Stinking of moth balls


Perhaps you will be replaced

next year maybe

But for now you can rest

folding in on yourself


Farewell my winter friend

Purple, stained, and warm

Farewell for now

Purple down coat



A cold and sunny day

It should be spring, a few days away

Bright sunshine burns

Through cold air

And lands on brown earth


And she lays on me, beside me


Not breathing

She won’t be here on the equinox


But on this cold and sunny day

She lays quietly on a bed

In the sun

Covered in a towel


On this cold and sunny day

She is more then a cat to us

She is our baby, sister, daughter

She represents love, and cuddling


An angel, a messenger, dear friend

Who takes her last breath

And moves somewhere else

On this cold and sunny day.

I am on fire


It is burning me up

Synapses firing

On Fire


Quench it

Calm it

Slow it down



Feel it flowing through

Feels Good

Lighting up dendrites

On Fire


Let’s be on fire

Hot stuff

Minds spinning out

Burning up


Fire burning bright

Quench it

Or feed it

Feel it


Fire burning

Creates a new path

Fire warms

Grow the Fire


Feel the power

Take the challenge

Transform the power

Feel the fire


Call Me Darling

Call me something

I am just over here

Call me Darling

Either now or sometime


Pick up now or then

And let it go

Remember how to

Call me Sweetheart


Call me now

Or call me then

But call me soon

Call me Darling


It won’t take much

And it won’t last too long

It’s not like a touch

But it’s here and now


So call me sweetheart

Call me now

Call me Darling

Right here and now

Bottom of the wheel

Lonely hearted

Read it, once, twice

Down, falling, slamming

Pit of existential despair


Know it;  connect

to self and others

Feel it deeply, in your heart

Know it, breathe it, walk into it


Can it be done today?

You over there

Me here, emptying out

Bottom of the wheel


Aching so deeply

That distance from here to there

And back again, again, againAching at the bottom of the wheel


I Miss You Golden Shores

The light, the air

Golden ray of sunshine

Still I left and ran fast

Searching for what was mine


A golden oak, splashing sea

The greenest of the green

Melting in my mind

That long-lost childhood scene


That golden land of promise

She whispers out my name

Hearing it from another shore

Missing her all the same


A soft breeze

Cooling, too much warmth

The sun she radiates to me

Singing to me, calling me forth.


Land of big dreams

Of  light, of love, and of loss

Back-forth, up-down,

Throw my heart back with a toss.




Walking away

I walked in the door

Knowing I was going to walk back out again

I walked through the door

Knowing I would say goodbye


I was full of hope and perhaps even ease

Yet it is hard to say goodbye

She helped me come back to me, my core and strength

And now it comes back to goodbye


How do you thank somebody

Who helped you change your life?

How do you thank somebody

Who moved you through and beyond?


All I can do is say thank you

And cry a little as I walk away

So great big thank you, my friend

And I’ll cry a little more today