I am not here… I am here

I am not here

To be your guardian of the continual, traditional processes.

I am not here to bend and break apart

Spreading the ashes of our dream back to the broken landscape of the earth.

I am not here to harm others, with silent violence

And continue to propagate oppression of those who are vulnerable.

I am here to be a warrior

Peacefully creating change and supporting evolution.

I am here to be a conduit

Of a message far beyond my actual experience and understanding.

I am here to quietly, paradoxically, scream about the change

And to have faith that it is happening.

I am here to open my heart fully to this process

Sacrificing and growing toward love every minute.

I am here to spark the fire in you

And watch you sail away toward your own dream manifestation.


For Nurses on Nurse’s Day 2015

It is Florence Nightingale’s birthday

And I realize it has taken me many years

To really understand her precepts

To deeply connect with the idea

That environments of caring support people’s own healing process.

I hold forth now

That all nursing is holistic-caring nursing

And if you disagree, I would kindly suggest

That if it is not holistic and caring, it is not nursing.

If it is not holistic-caring, it may be that

Some nurses have become the technical hand maiden

The extension of the idea of curing versus healing.

I invite you to take a step both forward and backward:

Forward toward the essence and heart of nursing as caring-healing practices

Backward toward the concept that healing is about environment

Forward to the idea that consciousness impacts the environment and healing

Backward to the idea that people need clean water, sound nutrition, fresh air, and sanitation

Forward to the thought that the earth is in a healing process

Backward to the notion of recognizing our unity as one group spinning around the sun.

I wish all nurses a journey toward peace, healing, love, and light

A successful flight back toward caring practices

I pray for our profession’s healing and that all beings to move toward a greater evolution

As Interconnected Unitary Human Beings.


To the motherless

It’s going to be okay, my dear child

The wise woman whispered

Your mother is a part of you, and all around you

Just open your eyes to see her

See her everywhere.

Even if your mother is no longer,

No longer here in bodily form

Or was never there for you on this journey

You can see that she still is everywhere:

In the light that filters through the Spring leaves on the trees.

Twinkling from a star so far and yet so near.

In the wind that blows your hair around your head.

Between the musical notes of your favorite song.

In the eyes, nose, mouth that stare back at you from the mirror.

Through the way you laugh and smile when filled with joy.

In each wave crashing up from the ocean and landing briefly on the shore

Beaming brightly from a full rising moon

In every breath, as you breathe in the same oxygen molecules

that your mother inhaled while she carried you, safely, deep within her.

It’s all there, the mother you always wanted,

The mother you always needed.

She has been right here with you all along

She never left your side.

You may decide to no longer grieve this perceived loss of the mother

And you may decide to open your heart

To the beauty of the mother all around you.

Fear not, child, fear not

For you may decide to live

As if there is no such being

As a truly motherless child.